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Indian Head Massage

is practised as part of daily ritual in Asia & is a time honoured Eastern tradition. The treatment is based on the ancient Ayurvedic system of healing which aims to rebalance the Chakras.

Indian Head Massage can be especially effective as a stress-management treatment. A short consultation prior to the treatment helps us to establish your individual requirements.

The client sits, fully clothed, whilst the therapist first applies a range of acupressure & massage strokes to the upper back, shoulders, arms & neck, working to relax any areas of stored tension. Stimulating & relaxing techniques are then applied to the scalp to encourage improved circulation; bringing essential oxygen & nutrients to the area. Finally, the therapy concludes with a soothing face massage, using pressure points to relax the muscles of the face and help sweep away toxins.

If you wish, oils can also be used during the scalp massage and can act as a very effective hair conditioner. Treatments generally last between 15 & 30 minutes, depending on the clients' preference.


Indian Head Massage may help to:
  • reduce stress & tension
  • combat fatigue
  • relieve eyestrain, headaches & migraine
  • improve circulation
  • ease sinusitus & tinnitus
  • improve sleep patterns
  • condition & stimulate hair growth
  • improve skin condition
  • boost energy & concentration
Indian Head Massage