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Recharge At Work

“Stress-related issues are responsible for around 60% of the 67 million working days lost each year, according to recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive” Helen McGuinness, Indian Head Massage 2nd edition

Energise and motivate your workforce by offering your employees a massage treatment during their break or lunch hour. 

Massage can be an effective form of preventative health care; it can help to ease stress-related conditions, and offer relief from occupational hazards such as eye-strain, headaches, repetitive strain injuries & the muscular tension that builds- up in the back, neck & shoulders due to poor posture.

Contact Recharge to discuss how we can help you to cultivate a happier, healthier and more motivated team.



Indian Head Massage Ideally suited to the work environment, treatments are non-oiled,15-30 minutes in duration and clients remain fully clothed throughout. Our treatments can help your staff feel revitalised, recharged and ready to work

Corporate Events
Why not add an extra touch of indulgence to your marketing event or party by pampering your guests with a Recharge Massage? Call us to discuss.

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